"Si jamais les Ramones, Screeching Weasel et The Queers apres une folle nuit d'amour au pluriel avaient eu un enfant, il se serait appelé le volume était au maximum. Comme si les 33T des Beach Boys defilaient en vitesse 45T. Irresistible."
Punk Rawk (France)

"On plonge sans réserve dans cette autre collection de tubes tout aussi énergiques, accrocheurs et plein d’émotion. Un must pour tous ceux qui ont aimé Radio maximum!"

"Le disque Radio Maximum m’avait renversé, et cette réédition de Filles de l’espace m’a mis complètement K-O! Mon coup de coeur 2006!"

"Colorful sugar-coated bubblegum pop. Ultra-good. The songwriting and tune arrangement sense of Johnny Love is truly beautiful. A killer masterpiece album!"
Hyper-Enough (Japon)

"The Next Big Thing, comme disent nos amis anglos."
La Voix De L'Est

"Avant meme que le disque fasse un tour complet dans notre lecteur CD, on tombe sous le charme."
Bang Bang

"Version québécoise de Screeching Weasel et des Ramones pour cette irrésistible formation montréalaise."
Punk Rawk (France)

"Pretty good version of Teenage Gluesniffer. And one of the members has a beard! Bonus!"
Ben Weasel (USA)

"Album punk local de l'année!"

"Be warned: This music is highly addicitve."
CBC Radio

"Le cinquieme effort de Johnny Love est vraiment l'ultime péché mignon de l'année."

"Imaginez Brian Wilson qui conduit un orchestre virtuel... Je pari ce cheval dans la course au prochain poulain montréalais à conquérir le monde. "
Bande à part

"Les mélodies sont simples, mais terriblement accrocheuses."
Le Devoir

"GREAT catchy pop in the Travoltas and Ramones vein. Where are the other four LP's for our pop punk listening pleasure?"
Maximum Rocknroll (USA)

"Chaque chanson est un petit bijou digne digne du travail des Beach Boys à leur meilleure époque."
Montréal Campus

"Collant et sucré comme de la barbe à papa, le pop-punk de ce quatuor est tout simplement irrésistible!"

"À la fois angélique et proche du Wall Of Sound de Phil Spector."

"Notre Brian Wilson Québécois!"
Montréal Campus



Please take note that since 2008, LVEAM totally stopped doing promotion of any kind. No press releases, no promo albums, no media relations, just fans. So don't expect to see a lot of new press stuff under this section...

"Le Volume Etait Au Maximum do, possibly the best track on this album, "Your Name Is Tattooed On My Heart" half in French and half in English. Which, by itself is an amazing feat, because they really pull it off! But, what makes it just that much more spine tingling is that they electrify their version with solid playing, beautiful melody and even flavor the song with some piano. But where as the original was kind of a slow chugging eerie song with a very faint Ben Weasel singing way in the background, this version is a straight up rocking version. GREAT job guys!"
Critical Mass, October 2012

"Le Volume était au maximum, raison sociale sous laquelle le pape du punk sucré imagine depuis 1995 ce que les Ramones seraient devenus s’ils avaient coiffé leurs rythmes frénétiques d’un barrage de claviers à la gomme et de mélodies ingénues dignes de comptines pour enfants. Défoulatoire ode à la marginalité."
VOIR, Aout 2012

"Get ready to take a trip (or a couple for that matter) while listening to this album. Rockeurs Ponk features a mix of English and French songs, which combine pop-punk anthems with offbeat weirdness that is hard to describe. Just listen. Even better watch the videos."

"Entraînant, mordant et punk! Love exprime son trouble avec une candeur désarmante. LVEAM, c'est une esthétique précise, à la fois très lustrée et viscérale, et Love l'assume avec la même passion et la même minutie que sur le populaire Radio maximum (2006). La même efficacité, aussi."
BANDE À PART, aout 2012

"High grade power pop is what you'll get when you expand your awareness and listen to one man band 'Le Volume Etait Au Maximum'. Yet another unsung musical hero of our time. Straight up power pop at it's best. Why hasn't it caught on? Probably for the reasons he has given in his passive/aggresive biography. Happens to the best of musicians. Don't be put off buy the vibrant synths, these are all killer tracks. I personally have no idea about the lyrical content. (I have translated the titles on the interweb and they scream power pop!). What I do know is that "Le Volume Etait Au Maximum" is possibly the best new thing I have heard in a long time and I curse myself for not expanding my awareness about this glorious purveyor of power pop sooner!

"Aussi déroutant que vivifiant!"

"I´m sure that many people hate this album. But I LOVE it."

"A male french adaptation of british-pop-punkers Helen Love."

"Feeling chancy, I gave it a click - and boy, am I glad I did? The track is called "Les Bonbons", and it's a euphoric teen jump-about type track. I love it, even though I'm not a euphoric teen."

"Self-described as "Canada's finest french anarcho-vegan-punk-art-pop." I can agree with that. Very hip, very creative artistically, and catchier than a plague. Like some sort of bastard child of The Ramones and Andy Warhol, with a good dose of The Cars."

"Here is some ultra sugary power pop from Quebec sung mostly in French. You know what? I really love it. I know many in the scene may be shocked and controversy will surely ensue. I can hear it now: “But, Adrian, you can’t even mosh to this! Where’s your hardcore pride?! NYHC!” I’ll have to dismiss these detractors, because sometimes even the most brutal of the brutal (like me) need something lighter and infectiously sunshiny in their life. Le Volume definitely plays their pop from the really big end of the spectrum. Think some huge-sounding classics like Cheap Trick’s “Dream Police,” the Car’s “Magic,” and nearly anything off the Ramones’ End of the Century. All the big synthesizers, layered vocals, and giant-sounding guitars and drums are what I imagine the French-Canadian Brian Wilson would have sounded like had he hung with the Ramones and Ric Ocasek. I also imagine he would have worn a sweater since he was French-Canadian. I think this is the most flat-out fun-sounding record I’ve heard in a while. It gets my highest recommendation. Hell, there are even two songs on here under thirty seconds, so all my hardcore bros should like this (one’s called “Rollercoasting.” Rollercoasters are pretty NYHC!)"

"At last there´s a sign of life from the most brilliant pop-punk band on the planet. I almost went insane when i listened to it the first time. My head almost seemed to be overchallenged with all the ingeniously harmonies and awesome melodies. The pop-rate is much bigger than in the sound of many rivaled bands. There´s not a single flop on this record. The songs kept me from sleeping since several weeks. The greatest thing about this album is the fact that you´ll discover new brilliant details everytime you listen to it. LVEAM get the highest possible score for "Les Vacances", because Johnny Love enters virgin territory with this very special sound while he´s shooting out one 3-chord hit after another. Incredible! "
BANZAI! (Germany), #18

"Ils sont cutes. Avec leur musique sans prétention cute, leurs paroles attendrissantes cutes et leurs chansons qui parlent de princesses, ils font sourire à tout coup. De la musique plus-que-feel-good à saveur de vacances qu’on devrait écouter toute l’année, le volume au maximum."

"Parfait pour l'été. C'est bon, ça donne le goût de danser, ça fait sourire et ça «rocke». Qu'est-ce que vous voulez de plus?"
Clin d'oeil

"Sans doute l'un des secrets les moins en moins bien gardés de l'underground montréalais."
24 heures

"I really like how this band does big huge sounding power pop in the best Brian Wilson tradition, but you know French-Canadianified."

"When searching for Canada's greatest DIY activists, LVEAM-bandleader Johnny Love is expected to appear on top of the list. On his new album he pays hommage to his great musical loves.Those who know LVEAM's other albums know that the music always hit like a big pop chartbuster attack. I can only think about absolutely crazy comparisons such as Plastic Bertrand, Van Halen, The Ramones and Modern Talking. A totally incomparable and unmatched sound that you'll probably either love or hate. Hats off!"
OX (Germany)

"These non-english singing bands are really starting to burn my biscuits! I like the music that comes from them, but I don’t speak their language (This time French dammit!). Le Volume has an exceptionally smooth and poppy Beach Boys-ish Queers sound and I can’t understand a god damn word! How am I supposed to sing along with a brush as a microphone and pretend it’s me on stage rocking these great songs?!?!? Damn these French speaking Canadians and all the complication that cause with their smooth sounds and lyrics I can’t understand! They even have the balls to tease me with great cover of “Your name Tattooed On My Heart” with half the vocals in English. Foutre le camp, vous grand Francais punk rockours et tes grand album I ne pas comprendre!"

"No-frills, French-canadian, synth power pop. Who would have thought it would work, eh? But Le Volume Était Au Maximum have made a sound here that is completely their own. It is a very unique take on the power-pop/pop-punk genre that they manage to pull off very well. There isn’t really a band that is coming close to this sound right now. So what is their sound? Well, think of the most upbeat music you can, and times that by twenty. Le Volume’ redefines the word fun. Poppy to the max, Les Vacances blasts out the synths like they’re going out fashion. The record is twenty tracks full and Le Volume’ inject the listener’s ear drums with pure, addictive adulation throughout. From the opening bounce-a-thon of Une Petite Fille Comme Toi to the immensely catchy Petit Ange to the pop masterstroke that is Sur Mon Coeur."
Punk or nothing (USA)

"Les vacances est sans doute le plus délicieux des hors d'oeuvres servis jusqu'à présent."
Le Droit

"Surfant sur une déferlante de synthés, de riffs de guitares ascensionnels et de textes d'amour qui en remettent jusqu'à plus soif, Johnny Love atteint un sommet dans cet art d'un univers pop-punk parfait. (PPP!?!) L'horloge biologique coincée aux pourtours d'une adolescence idyllique qui n'est pas sans rappeler la plage et le soleil."
Ramon vitesse, Le Tour

"Yes, I could have told you that these guys hung out with Bertrand and Motello and you probably would have believed me."
Obscure Classics (USA)

"Best canadian pop punk band. Ultra sweet pop music with ultimate harmonies and splendid vocals."
Diskunion (Japan)

"Outstanding. Very high expectations from the opening, then immediate ascension to total ecstasy after only four songs. The work of Johnny Love raises the bubblegum pop sweetness to the highest point with superb universal melodies. L<3AM's greatest masterpiece."

Hyper Enough

"The Power Pop Gods are shining a light down on us with "Les Vacances". You don't even have to speak French to know the message here. Pop Music has the power to change the world. An optimism that today's music lacks and a character that speaks to everybody. Today we act like WE are bigger, more important then the music we inspire. This record, this music begs to inspire us again. Sang entirely in French, "Les Vacances" is a power pop record that transcends language and turns music into promises. This record has more than enough instruments to satisfy the Phil Spector in all of us. All executed with precision and brilliance. The arrangements are fairily spectacular and worthy of multiple listens. Fans of the TRAVOLTAS and the PET SHOP BOYS wil be happy with any of the Le Volume records. "
The Rude Review

"Le Volume n'a pas changé. La même chose, mais en mieux, en parfait en fait. Je pense pas avoir jamais rien entendu de tel au Québec. La production est en béton, le but du projet est achevé. Quand on parle de pop bonbon, celle là est équivalente à toute la récolte d'halloween du kid le mieux déguisé du quartier. 10 jours d'été sur 10!!!!! "

"Bourré de mélodies accrocheuses"
La voix de l'est

"Un album conceptuel qui invite à prolonger les plaisirs estivaux, avec le meme savant mélange de guitare et de synthétiseur"
Journal de Montréal

"Toujours aussi jouissif dans sa démesure"

"Johnny nous avait promis son chef-d'oeuvre et actuellement, c'est bien le meilleur album du volume était au maximum "
Bande à part

"Un autre mur sonique chargé de mélodies et d'harmonies"

"Un plaisir quasi coupable. À s'en gaver."

"Brilliant 3 chord tunes. I can´t believe that I never heard of LVEAM before. A sound creation you won´t find anywhere else in the poppunk-scene. The sound is above average and some technical baubles are like the icing on a pop-punk cake. A must have for every Travoltas, Ramones and Plastic Bertrand fans. Buy it! "
Banzai! (Allemagne)

"A total smash. Every poppunk-guy should get this stuff."
OX Fanzine (Allemagne)

"Beaucoup trop irritant pour nos auditeurs."

"L'extase complète. On ne peut que croire à l'imminente ascension de ce groupe au sommet des palmarès québécois et de l'ensemble de la francophonie."

"Un vent de fraîcheur qui accompagne à merveille le beau temps. Tous vos problèmes s’envoleront comme par magie. À se procurer lorsque l’on prend la vie trop au sérieux et qu’il faut retrouver l’enfant en soi. Un projet extrêmement prometteur pour l’avenir."